Belgrade to London
    I started preparing for my Cardiff trip on Saturday afternoon. I went to "The Green" pub to watch the Division Three play-off final with my QPR hoped cap on my head. Nearly every person in the pub greeted me with "You R's" and one mate asked me to sit with him. His name was Richard King and he had crossed the Atlantic, just to go to the Millennium stadium and support the Superhoops! We had a great conversation and after a few hours I was totally drunk! In the evening, I went to meet David, another R's fan, but had to avoid any more beer and drink only coke. I got up at 6:00 AM on Sunday morning, Steve Russell sent me a "You R"SSSSSSSSSS" message on my mobile phone at 6:20 AM. I took a shower, put my Rangers flag and my camera in my bag and went immediately to Paddington station. I arrived there in ten minutes and the whole station was covered with hooped shirts, hats and flags. During the trip, many QPR fans joined us in Reading and Bristol and after exactly 2 hours and 44 minutes we arrived at Cardiff Central station. Thousands and thousands of fans of the magical QPR could be seen on Cardiff's streets. Steve told me that this was the biggest tour out of Rangers fans ever! I spent the time before the game in front of the "City Arms" pub, where a big Wales flag, with an R's logo on it was spread out. It was definitely an amazing experience for me and I was pretty sure that we were capable of a win. Heavy rain started 2 hours before kick-off, just when I went into the Millennium stadium. My first thought was "Oh God, that's the best stadium I've ever seen before". I was impressed with the object, big screens, everything... I tried to hang my QPR flag, but some bloody stewards told me that it was too big and that people from the above level wouldn’t be able to see the pitch properly. Of course, on the other side of the stadium, among CCFC supporters, there were many much larger flags to be seen. The first half wasn't classic. Both sides knew that promotion was at stake and nobody wanted to risk too much. Rangers’ fans were again superb, much louder than the opponent's supporters. I noticed in our sector flags from South Africa, Sweden, Barbados, Australia, Canada, Wales and many other countries. We gave our best, but unfortunately we couldn't score our desired and expected goal. R's started brighter the second half and "a goal was in the air". Unfortunately, King Kev and later Thommo, were unlucky in the finishing and the game went into extra time. Tommy Williams missed another glory chance for us and we all know what's happened after that. Bloody Campbell scored the goal of his career and our dreams were ruined. Marc Bircham tried to consolidate our team and lead them in one final attack, but it was too late. The final whistle was blown and we lost, totally undeserved. The lads on the pitch really gave 100%. The fans were amazing, we needed just a slice of luck... [size]The chant "We are Rangers and we are proud of it", which was heard after the game was a magnificent moment of pride and I will never be forget it!!!

    written by Novak

    Belgrade to London - part 1
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