Belgrade to London
    Some things in life are definitely priceless and unforgettable, staying forever in my memory, my trip to London was one of them. Everything started in Belgrade on 24th April in the British Embassy. After a few basic questions, the Official asked me the purpose of my visit and I answered proudly that I want to watch my beloved QPR. No problems and I got my visa the same day. I bought my plane ticket for the 9th May and I had enough time to prepare everything for my trip. Nikola sent me by bus our QPR flag. I contacted Steve Russell by e.mail to reserve tickets for both Oldham games and spoke to Michael Benwell and other friends for other useful information. I was in London on the Friday afternoon and after finding my hostel in Bayswater I set off to my Field of Dreams. I nearly started to cry when I saw Loftus Road after five very long years. The next day I travelled on the LSA Coach to Oldham, Steve introduced me to other lads and had the chance to meet Luke, Dave Cox and Tommy Collins even kissed my hand !!! I was very honoured and extremely excited but two nights without sleep influenced my mood. I was very tired and a little ashamed because I had big problems with my English, everyone around me spoke so fast and I was out of touch. We stopped off in Warrington and I had a few pints of perfect English beer. Inside the Ground the atmosphere was really tremendous, maybe the best in my life. I had seen some great games in the past like Red Star's clashes with Bayern Munich and Glasgow Rangers in 1991 plus Barcelona and Lazio etc but QPR Fans are really something special. Langley scored the equaliser at the start of the second half and the rest of the game we were on the backfoot. The R's fans gave strong support to our lads for all 90 minutes and I learnt some new songs and chants. "We Love You Bircham cos you got blue hair...." became my favourite. The final result was 1-1 of course and we returned to London in very good and confident mood. The following day, I went to the Valley to watch Charlton and Fulham and was very disappointed with the atmosphere, I saw some great players like Euell and Saha but it was like sitting in the theatre! The return game with Oldham came very quickly, Wednesday night, full house, so many emotions. Before the game I went to the LSA Clubhouse and had a brilliant time, I had the feeling that I knew really well the people around me, I had the feeling they were all part of my family. After a few Fosters (mmmmm) I went with Michael Benwell and his son Andrew to the ground We were based in the Lower Loft just a few rows away from the pitch. I could feel the atmosphere and I completely lost my voice. QPR were much the better side, a tense game and a real battle. Then something happened that I will never forget, it was the 82nd minute and Paul Furlong put it to the keepers left, 1-0 to the Superhoops! Then Chrissy Day made a brilliant save and the R's were going to Cardiff. In these moments I thought that my heart will go out, I had tears in my eyes, I was simply over the moon!

    written by Novak

    Belgrade to London - part 2
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