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    Sheffield Wednesday - QPR 1-3 08.05.2004. Whatta experience, man! No money can buy you special moments in life like this one! It was truly magical, heart filling, emotional... I got there night before 8000 strong travelling R’s legion. Got up, had me breakie and i was off to blag somebody in the ticket office with premeditated lie about my neutrality (as we discussed). Whether i was a successful blagger or the lady in ticket office didn’t care too much, i’d never know, but i came out with “my_precious” R’s fans were converging on Hillsboro in great numbers, and i felt very safe. Everywhere i looked there were hoops in confident mood, smiling, waving our flags high, amazing! Had to pinch myself - no you’re not at Loftus Road. Met up with friends who had their tickets for West stand, our end. It crossed my mind, for the first time, i may have some tricky time ahead of me. But what the hell, i couldn’t get the ticket in the first place and as a trade off i have to sit in scummers end. The deal’s on... I sat in their south end, best & most expensive stand, eeerrr only 21 quid, tho’. Our friend (sic!) Ken Bates with his gorillas, was sitting about 10-15 meters away. He intends to take over Wednesday - perfect match. I’ve had more immediate problems to deal with at that time, rather then to be “impress” with ex-chelski tosser. My mobile has got big qpr logo as wallpaper and i was talking and texting a lot. Once realising the trouble , i was freaking out that two idiots, breathing down my neck, would notice it too. Also, it didn’t help texting names like MisaQPR Anyway, our supporters were making tremendous noises, you’d think we’re playing home game. I was massively impressed! Our players must have been amazed too, coz we’re solid from the off. No messing about! Chance after chance... than scummers put Bristol’s goal flashing on the board and Hillsboro erupted?!? Why, beats me?!? Two minutes later again 2-0! Incidentally, they didn’t flash Blackpool’s goal? Well, a bit of consistency would be nice, mr. never_to_be_promoted... what interest Wednsday has in automatic promotion race, i don’t know. But this stupidity only backfired on them, as the King Kev went to score our opener. Guys, you just have to see Olie’s reaction! He was larging it, his face was crazed in delirium. I’ll never forget it. Hopefully it will be on DVD which is in preparation (as i was told). When kev scored, few of my soulmates in home’s end could not hold it and there were promptly escorted off. What pissed me off was so many of scummers were very enthusiastic in pinpointing our guys to the stewards. I saw about 50 hands pointing to one lad few meters away from me... sickening, but i carried on, “cool as cucumber”... then when Furs scored a beauty, I was still composed! Funny thing was, when they scored, i was the only one who didn’t jump but that’s OK, coz they can’t throw me out for not celebrating. I had (and 8000 R’s) more important things to worry about, like is this gonna be our failure, yet again? When rowly (who else:-)) put that cross in, and wots_his_face turn it into his own net, we all knew it was all over. I can’t say who was MOTM, they all played out of their skins for the badge. We really outclassed Sheffield. Few lapses - yes, but as a team we’re superb. Matthew Rose was someone i was positively surprised. If we can replicate this performance, than we shouldn’t have too much probs staying up. Honestly... I came out as an emotional wreck. I have been bottling so much emotions thru’ the game and did my best not to weep afterwards, coz Serbs don’t cry, right?! hehe, lets just say, i won’t be using those pants never-ever again

    Written by Dragan
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